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Our Elephant

During the entire planning stage, one of our main concerns was and still is the aesthetic value of the development. As one small contribution to the environment, the buildings were placed in such a way that they were not in conflict with the existing and well well established trees, which was achieved.
We furthermore wanted to have the theme of the buildings as well as the materials to be in line with local tradition and architecture. So at some stage, whilst pouring over sketch plans and drawings, looking at a corner that could not be developed because of the trees that were standing there, the idea of having a life size statue of an elephant to fill that corner was born.
We soon started discussing the idea with Ken Oaks of Game Studios, a renowned local artist who did not take long to be convinced about the idea. Ken soon produced some sketch plans, size, posture and materials were agreed upon and within days the project was on the way...

The Early Days

Once Yala Investments had bought the land, we needed an office, which is a relatively scarce commodity in Maun and since there was a small building on the Southern plot, it was decided to convert this into a first office. We then took the opportunity to use this small unit as the "guinea pig" for the main project

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